OpenKAT background and concepts

During the development of OpenKAT the main concepts were discussed and documented. These documents might be useful for understanding the system.

Indemnification statements

Indemnification statements are a way of agreement between two parties that specific activities are allowed to be performed, that would otherwise be illegal. This agreement is often made in environments that require to be tested, such as penetration testing. This document explains how OpenKAT handles this.

OpenKAT Indemity statements

Safe viewing of boefjes-data (dutch)

If you collect possible malware, how do you safely store and display it? This document explains how this has been handled in OpenKAT. Sorry, Dutch only at the moment.

Veilige weergave boefjes-data

OpenKAT as educational tool (dutch)

Educating the next generation is a collective responsibility. OpenKAT is already in use for educational purposes. This document gives some ideas for future educational projects.

OpenKAT: Educatietool