Burp Suite

Uploading output from BurpSuite can only be done with paid versions (Professional). The community version doesn’t have the required export functionality.

The official BurpSuite documentation for this functionality can be found here:.

In general the approach is:

  • Under Target > Site map, select all objects/hosts you wish to export.

  • Right click and select Issues > Report issues for this host.

  • Follow the wizard. Make sure you export the file to XML.

In your OpenKAT browser tab: - Click on ‘Objects > Upload raw file’ or go through the Katalogus: Katalogus > Burpsuite normalizer. Under the tab ‘Consumes’ click on the ‘xml/burp-export’ link. The mime-type should be automatically filled in. - Select the burp raw file. As mime-type use xml/burp-export. - Click the ‘Upload raw’ button.

The burp file will upload and be processed by OpenKAT.