How do I customize LaTeX reports ?

The LaTeX reports can be customized in a number of ways. You can customize the current bevindingenrapport by locating it within the keiko directory and start making changes to the code.

Styling changes

You can start off by changing the front-page on the report, swap out the keiko.png with the logo of your organization by adding the image to the keiko\assets directory and then changing the image in the \titlepic.

% Title Page
\title{ \reporttitle{} }
\author{ \application{} }

You can change the report title and author by changing the Keiko specific variables, you can change the title of your report or edit the \application in order to set another author.

%KEIKO-specific variables
\newcommand\application{KEIKO @@{keiko_version}@@}
\newcommand\reporttitle{Bevindingenrapport voor @@{report_source_type}@@ @@{report_source_value}@@}

The variables which take input from the KAT datamodel are defined as Jinja2 variables, for example: @@{report_source_type}@@. The model behind the report is defined in keiko/templates/bevindingenrapport/ and this dictates which variables can be used in your reports.

Text colours

Want to change the current chapter colours? include the \usepackage lines at the start of your report and set your desired colours.


\chapterfont{\color{blue}}  % sets colour of chapters
\sectionfont{\color{cyan}}  % sets colour of sections

Want to add color to your tables and rows? Add the \rowcolor{} after the begin of your tables.

\begin{tabular}{ llr }

Readable findings

@@{finding.ooi}@@ generates the following string in your reports: KAT-WEBSERVER-NO-IPV6—mysubdomain-domain-toplevel This can be long and might be hard to read or interpret. You can change this to @@{finding.human_readable}@@ to generate strings like this: KAT-WEBSERVER-NO-IPV6 @ mysubdomain.domain.toplevel

Changing fonts

You can change your current document font with the inclusion of this code to set it to Liberation Serif for example. These fonts can be selected by naming a Truetype or Opentype font, which can be listed with fc-list in the Keiko container.

Additional docs with regards to fontspec can be found at Texdoc.

\setmainfont{Liberation Serif}

Another option is to manually add your font .ttf or .otf file to the keiko\assets directory, from there you can specify the use of your font file like this: