OpenKAT 1.9

Basic support for Config OOIs has been added. Not every organization has the same policy and also different objects might need different treatment and Config OOIs will provide an easy way to change the behaviour of bits. The first configurable parameter is the max age of the HSTS header in the check_hsts_header bit. More configurable parameters will be added in the future.

Performance improvements have been made in several areas. Support for OpenTelemetry has also been added to get better insight into performance. Work on more performance improvements is still ongoing.

New Features

  • Improved raw output download in case of boefje/normalizer crashed.

  • Openmetric endpoint has been added to bytes and mula.

  • The version is displayed in the web interface in the footer.

Bug fixes

  • Special characters are correctly escaped in Keiko.

  • The release candidate Debian packages have the correct version.

  • Organization names that have namespaces conflicts with URLs are denied.


The normal instructions for upgrading Debian packages or upgrading containers should be followed.

Full Changelog

The full changelog can be found on Github.