OpenKAT 1.12

The KAT-alogus has been extended to show both the boefjes and normalizers. The normalizers don’t have a detail page yet, this is planned for the next release.

Information about which filters where used to create a report has been added to the reports. The report will also include a link to the OpenKAT installation that can be used to reproduce the report. The link in the report can be disabled by setting ROCKY_REPORT_PERMALINKS to False.

The number of gunicorn workers in the Debian packages has been set to a fixed number instead of basing the number of workers on the number of cores. This fixes a problem that installing all the packages on a single machine with a lot of cores it would start too many processes and run out of memory.

New Features

  • A new boefje and normalizer for checking security.txt has been added.

  • When downloading a report on the findings page the active filters are used to create the report.

  • The superuser has access to every organisation. Before this change you would need to manually add the superuser as a member of each organization.

Bug fixes

  • The severity level for CVEs were one level too low because the maximum score of each severity was used as the minimum score. Thanks to Jordy van den Elshout for contributing the fix!

  • Rescheduling a task that is already running is correctly handled now.

  • HSTS findings are only created on https resource and not on http resources.

  • Indentation and counter of child OOIs in OOI tree view has been fixed.

  • The task list will show the plugin name instead of the plugin id in the task list.

  • A boefje can only be enabled if the user has the correct clearance.

  • We correct redirect back to the original page when we prompt for login after session timeout.

  • The home directory is set correct in the Debian packages.

  • Handling of systemd units has been fixed in the Debian packages. This means that after installing the services will be automatically started and after upgrading they will be automatically restarted.


The normal instructions for upgrading Debian packages or upgrading containers should be followed.

Full Changelog

The full changelog can be found on Github.