In the future, we intend to add all documentation related to UI/UX design directly in these docs. For now, we refer to the relevant sections in our Figma files.

Design process

This document describes the overall design process followed by KAT-Designers. Within this document you will find an overview of all available design documents and how to use them.

To visit the design process Figma file, go here.


This describes the fundamentals library of KAT branding, e.g. fonts, color sets, spacing, etc.

To visit the fundamentals Figma file, go here.


The KAT component library. E.g. form elements, header, table, etc. Components can be used within designs. All components are based on the choices made within the fundamentals library.

To visit the components Figma file, go here..

Design workfile

This is the design work file for all designs, e.g. pages, user flows, etc.

To visit the design workfile Figma file, go here.

For review

All designs that are ready to be reviewed.

To visit the review designs Figma file, go here.

Approved for implementation

Approved designs. These are ready to be implemented by developers.

To visit the approved designs Figma file, go here.