OpenKAT 1.6

The main new feature of OpenKAT 1.6 is support for email security with DKIM, DMARC and SPF being added to the data model, boefjes, normalizers and bits. This release also offers a lot of smaller improvements in installation, interface, maintenance and documentation.

  • Settings can now be copied from one organisation to another in the KAT-alogus. This has been built in such a way that we can add bulk actions in the near future.

  • Uploaded documents are added to Bytes, hashed and timestamped just like all other raw data, which gives gives you the certainty about the date time of upload and the consistency of the document at a later stage - just like with all data included in Bytes.

  • A new look for OpenKAT is not be visible right away but a lot of changes in both Manon and OpenKat ‘manon’ for the interface allows you to personalize OpenKAT with ease.

  • The documentation has been revamped and is available at

Full Changelog

The full changelog can be found on Github.