OpenKAT 1.15 (Roeltje)

This release includes some big optimizations in the new reporting functionality that was introduced in 1.14. Measurements show that generating a report on 100 objects is approximately 20 times faster. The reports in general also got a lot of improvements and bugfixes.

New Features

  • The types the normalizer consumes link to upload page now. The produces list has been fixed and link to the object page.

  • Support for adding and checking CAA records has been added.

  • Token authentication for APIs has been added.

  • Reports show both when the report has been created and the selected valid time.

  • With CSV upload it is possible to also set the clearance level.

  • More CSP checks have been added.

  • Scan profiles can be declared through normalizers.

  • It possible to select all OOIs for aggregate reports.

  • Plugin page in reporting flow is skipped if all plugins are enabled.

  • Setting to limit size of IP range has been added to nmap boefje.

  • Added settings for database pool size config.

  • The KAT findings database has been updated.

  • New findings report has been added to replace the old one.

  • Improved metrics collection in the scheduler.

  • Extra checks for findings have been added to the dns report.

Bug fixes

  • Multireport doesn’t have wrong preselection in form

  • Render dicts and list ooi attrs as jsonfield so that all OOIs can be manually added.

  • Install and update script check for sudo

  • Error handling in reporting has been improved

  • Fixed several bugs in mail report.

  • Fixed a bug in open ports report.

  • Fix broken wordpress check in wpscan boefje.

  • Add timeouts to CVE API downloader.

  • Forms will check if the required number of checkboxes are checked.

  • Primary buttons are properly aligned to the left and export buttons in the report are placed properly.

  • Do not show an error in tasks stats if no tasks have run yet.

  • Health page is accessible during onboarding.

  • Wrong domain count in systems report has been fixed.

  • Do not log an error on token refresh in bytes client.

  • Fix settings of kat_dns boefje not being used.

  • Ignore certificate errors in security txt boefje instead of returning an error.

  • Vulnerabilities in vulnerability report are sorted.

  • Duplicate OOIs have been removed in the reports.

  • Our HSTS check has been changed to case insensitive.

  • Give an error when future observed at date is selected.

  • Fix removal of findings when domain does not exist anymore.

  • Fix error with unicode in octopoes.

  • Fixes for table overflowing the PDF report.

  • Set a timeout on hanging test ssl container,

  • Raise exception if boefje input OOI has been deleted.

  • Filter out undeserializable objects from xtdb query, gets rid of “could not deserialize value” octopoes worker log messages.


The normal instructions for upgrading Debian packages or upgrading containers should be followed.

Debian packages

1.14 was the last release to provide Debian packages for Debian 11. If you are still running Debian 11 you need to upgrade to Debian 12 to be able to upgrade to OpenKAT 1.15.

Full Changelog

The full changelog can be found on Github.